The Legal Concept of Evidence

Why Students Struggle to Write Quality Argumentative Essays?

Imagine you have been given a task to argue with a person.

The person needs to be convinced in true letter and spirits.

What will you do?

You will take a side of the issue and utilize evidence to support your argument.

Similar is the case with argumentative essays.

Here, the teacher asks you to support a side of an issue with arguments.

If you argue this and that without using evidence, a big 0 will be up for grabs.

Evidence is what makes an argument convincing and healthy.

That’s not it though!

The evidence cannot be made in mind.

A credible source must be used to extract the solid evidence and mentioned in the argumentative essay.

The reader will be eager to seek the source of the evidence provided by you.

The Key to Ace the Argumentative Essays

What makes an argumentative essay stand out?

Well, it is the structure.

You must be wondering why is the structure of paramount significance?

Structure matters!

The argument alone is not enough to ensure top-notch grades.

There is much more to it.

Beginning with an impressive conclusion, composing comprehensive body paragraphs and summing up with a sound conclusion are the pillars of an exceptional structure.

It sounds challenging.

Doesn’t it?

In essence, it takes a simple strategy to write inspiring argumentative essays.

Continue to master the strategy.

Does Experience Matter?

Experience matters to get a job.

However, writing an essay is not the job of students.

Why it matters then?

Experience is the pet name given to practice.

If you practice day and night, you will have a strong command of each aspect of the argumentative essay.

It must be difficult for you to keep writing an essay while your friends are hanging out.

In the worst case, you may not get quality grades in your essay even after practicing a lot.

Yes, an essay can be a monster.

If you face these adversities, reach out to take the helping hand of an experienced essay writer.

Yes, you can ease your stress and request a seasoned expert to help me write my essay.

The Gurus of Producing Promising Argumentative Essays

It is no mystery that essay writing is an art.

To master any art, years of experience is required.

The professional free essays writing service have significant experience in producing essays on diverse topics.

What makes them stand out then?


They never compromise on the quality under any circumstances.

This is what makes them stand out in the town among the fake essay writing experts.

Intense research is part of this process and they conduct it in true letter and spirits.


A strict policy is followed against plagiarism as it kills the soul and ethics of an essay.

You must be thinking of how you can make sure they offer such scintillating services.

The feedback of the clients speaks volumes about the quality they instill in the essays.

What are you waiting for then?

Let go of the stress and burden caused by writing critical argumentative essays.

Step up to get professional assistance and impress the teacher.

Qualities of a Good Writer

Since my school days, I have consistently attempted to write the essay assignments for the fulfillment of coursework. I constantly used to get minimal imprint in the essay assignments and needed to confront the embarrassment before the class colleagues. After one such embarrassment, I concluded that it is sufficient and now I need to endeavor to ace the expertise.

I was truly resolved to perform better as well as best in the following assignment; therefore I investigated the school library and got some books to examine the specialty of composing. In any case, being an understudy, I needed to finish different assignments and concentrate for the class tests, also. Along these lines, I chose to investigate somewhat simpler medium of learning and looked through the characteristics of a decent essay writer, utilizing web access.

  1. Connect with the Readers

One of the most significant characteristics of an essay writer is that he/she connects with the perusers in the essay. The essay is displayed in a fascinating and connecting with way, which inspires the perusers to investigate the following part. So you ought to likewise attempt to show the subtleties or story in a fascinating way. Attempt to check on the off chance that you would have the option to continue perusing and it would assist you with including the developments to intrigue the perusers.

  1. Present the Factual Data

Another significant piece of a decent essay is that it depends on the genuine information and accurate information and not simply on some alleged information. For instance, on the off chance that you are expounding on the effects of pot, attempt to investigate the real research in the field, rather than guaranteeing that utilization of weed improves the pulse of the patients experiencing heart illnesses. On the off chance that your essay depends on the authentic and wrong information, it would not have the option to win great scores.

  1. Present Clear Picture

Another significant thing to remember, while composing an essay, is to introduce a reasonable picture to the perusers. For instance, on the off chance that you are composing a collection of memoirs of some individual. Attempt to display the insights concerning time and place of birth, early training and the conditions that formed the life of that individual, rather than simply clarifying the works and demise of that specific individual.

You can become familiar with write my essay for me free ( Persuasive Essay Topics – A Step By Step Guide )

Teaching of art courses was considered a luxury

Academic structures in the past have cut art classes to make room for standardized course classes. Lately, there are a million studies that confirm that the incorporation of different forms of arts with school curriculum is essential. This helps create well-rounded students. There are many studies which prove the importance of various arts in school. There was a study that proved that incorporating dance and theatre in the course helped students learn math better. It is a belief that the teaching of arts invokes creativity.

  1. Arts also help develop language skills, motor skills, risk-taking, innovation, and social skills in students.
  2. Teaching via the concept of arts can help make a difficult task easy. At times a visual representation can make the assigned work easier to understand.
  3. Visual arts help in the better understanding of layout, color, contrast, brightness, and balance. These terms are very important to keep in mind if one wants to give good academic presentations.
  4. If a teacher incorporates art in a subject, it will help reach out to students who are not interested in the class. If per se, a teacher gives a biology assignment asking students to elaborate about various flowers, it might not interest all students. If a teacher gives the same assignment but asks the students to take photos of the flowers they wish to elaborate, this will help grab the attention of possibly all the students.
  5. The focus is another thing that is cultivated through art. As mentioned above, a painting can also help one build their attention span. 

So it is a proven fact that there are only benefits to teaching arts in school. The best thing about it is that if a student wants to make a career out of it, they can surely go for it. It takes hard work and determination, but the end result is worth the effort. If a student feels like they are not getting enough guidance in school, they can always ask for help online. Sites like essay writing service have professionals present with various academic backgrounds. They will surely guide you in every way possible they can. A little guidance can help one go a long way. 

Get yourself connected with the wires

In this blog, I will tell you about a scientific wonder that you have not heard about before.

There is a new advancement in science where you will not rely on the wires anymore. This is done by the creation of smart clothes. All you have to do is just put them on, and your body is ready to be examined. You can find updated research papers written by researchers of an essay writing service regarding  this innovation.

There are fixed sensing devices in the smart clothes that will help to collect data with the help of bio-signals. This is then connected with a mobile device. 

By doing this, the doctors will be able to check the patient’s health practically. 

Ok, so now you must be thinking that the clothes will be something like made of iron fabric and boring. But what if I tell you that it’s not the case.

Yes, these smart clothes are designed to be really comfortable, trendy and also they help in monitoring the heartbeat, body temperature and breathing of the patient.

Which in turn reduces the need for visiting the hospital on a daily basis for regular checkups.

Are Girls Better at School than Boys?

This is a never-ending debate. Some people ask this question from a sexist perspective, in this case, the approach is more feminist. It is not about which gender performs better; it is about who chooses to perform well. As seen through experience, both girls and boys are equally capable of excelling academically. At times girls perform better, but boys can go that extra mile too. Our question is general; it is not restricted to a certain group. Further, a discussion will be done below with the help of facts.

  1. It is a fact that girls want to do better academically in general. They have a more harmonized and determined attitude. On the contrary, boys can be nonchalant when it comes to academia. They go with the flow; boys mostly do not believe in taking that extra step.
  2. Girls are usually more competitive academically. They want to be the best. So they put in extra energy into studying. Boys are competitive too, but they do not see the point of rivalry in academia. They follow the saying; “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” If they are passing all classes and filling all the requirements to get into a decent college, they do not push it.
  3. Girls are more consistent. They study throughout the semester constantly for a good grade. On the other hand, boys are more performance oriented. They have a slack attitude throughout the semester and put in all their effort towards the end of the term to get a better grade.
  4. Girls have the strength to choose books over television. They mostly are better when it comes to decision making. However, boys are built differently. They tend to have a short attention span and get bored easily, so they choose a fun thing to do over studies.
  5. Another thing that gives girls an edge over boys is; they take class notes. It is very rare for boys to take notes. They rely on their memory when it comes to class lectures, which obviously is not a good move.
  6. Girls are more organized, which helps them study better. Most of the boys are nowhere close to the word organized. At times they cannot find the course work because of being disorderly.
  7. Girls normally are good listeners that is why they do well in school. They always attentively listen to their teachers. Boys get distracted easily and end up losing track of what the educator has to say.
  8. Boys tend to daydream more than girls. Girls daydream too, but not in school.
  9. Some boys are a part of the school sports team; this automatically impacts their performance in school. Girls are part of the sports team as well, but they believe in creating a balance. They will not give all their time and energy to sports alone, they will focus on their books too.

Putting everything into consideration, both girls and boys from nowadays are very lucky. Being born in the 21st century means everyone has the internet. Everybody can cope with school work, due to various sites that provide professional academic help. Sites like “Help me write my Essay” provide all the assistance that one can need to get better grades. All you have to do is go online, enter the site, and ask for help. They will provide the perfect guidance to do the homework meticulously. Whatever the case, both the genders can do well in school. It is the nature of both the sexes that hampers their determination of doing better academically. 

Writing is an art and practice is necessary to master it

When it comes to writing essays, students become clueless. Why is it so? Well, the essay is a monster which must be tackled with a critical approach. Yes, students believe flawless grammar will get them over the line. This is not the case. With advancements in academic merits, teachers follow strict rules to grade essays. If you desire to receive excellent grades in essays, read on to find out.

Research Makes an Essay Perfect

         Students begin writing their essays without performing extensive research. Research is a fundamental part of an essay. It is the key to grades in essays. You must be wondering why is so necessary. Well, many reasons contribute to its importance.  First, the quality of the essay gets enhanced with it. Quality is what the teacher seeks in the essay. Keep in mind; it never means you can compromise on flawless grammar and sound sentence structure. In their absence, your research is worth nothing. 

Thesis Defines the Essay

 The essay contains a topic and that topic further contains the theme. The thesis statement is the defining principle of the body paragraphs and the idea of the essay. It is generally placed at the end of the introductory paragraph in an essay. The whole argument of the essay is stored in that statement. If the thesis statement is flawed or incomplete, the base of the essay gets tarnished. Read on to learn the skills and craft a perfect thesis statement.

         Before writing a thesis statement, get the clear idea of what you will be discussing in the essay. Afterward, proceed to make a perfect statement that reflects the main idea discussed in the essay. Body paragraphs should discuss the idea and must not deviate from it. If you deviate, the teacher will get frustrated and reward you with who knows a big zero. So, always craft an inspiring and perfect thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs Speak Volumes  

         The heart of an essay is the body paragraph. An essay is built with several body paragraphs. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that reflects the thesis statement. The rest of the paragraph discusses the topic sentence. Remember; do not take it for granted. The argument must be backed with solid evidence and argument.

         In between body paragraphs, students often become careless. They prefer to write the body paragraphs in a rush and without much time. Never do this. Understand you are not anymore a child who cries in front of a professional to write my essay. Body paragraphs must be closely packed within relevant information.

Is It Enough?

         Well, it is a tricky question to answer. From choosing the topic to writing a conclusion, each step needs attention. The professional approach is using different paragraphs to highlight the topic of the essay. Keep in mind that conclusion is not a new piece of information but a summary of the already discussed material. Do not repeat the same instructions in the conclusion. You must be thinking plagiarism is the shortcut. It will be similar to living in a fool’s paradise by using plagiarized work. Teachers utilize latest plagiarism checking software and follow a strict policy against cheating.

         The bottom line is that essay writing is not an easy task. Meanwhile, the proper approach can resolve the troubles. Always follow a proper approach to write essays. Research is the key and it must be performed with critical skills.

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