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Writing is an art and practice is necessary to master it

When it comes to writing essays, students become clueless. Why is it so? Well, the essay is a monster which must be tackled with a critical approach. Yes, students believe flawless grammar will get them over the line. This is not the case. With advancements in academic merits, teachers follow strict rules to grade essays. If you desire to receive excellent grades in essays, read on to find out.

Research Makes an Essay Perfect

         Students begin writing their essays without performing extensive research. Research is a fundamental part of an essay. It is the key to grades in essays. You must be wondering why is so necessary. Well, many reasons contribute to its importance.  First, the quality of the essay gets enhanced with it. Quality is what the teacher seeks in the essay. Keep in mind; it never means you can compromise on flawless grammar and sound sentence structure. In their absence, your research is worth nothing. 

Thesis Defines the Essay

 The essay contains a topic and that topic further contains the theme. The thesis statement is the defining principle of the body paragraphs and the idea of the essay. It is generally placed at the end of the introductory paragraph in an essay. The whole argument of the essay is stored in that statement. If the thesis statement is flawed or incomplete, the base of the essay gets tarnished. Read on to learn the skills and craft a perfect thesis statement.

         Before writing a thesis statement, get the clear idea of what you will be discussing in the essay. Afterward, proceed to make a perfect statement that reflects the main idea discussed in the essay. Body paragraphs should discuss the idea and must not deviate from it. If you deviate, the teacher will get frustrated and reward you with who knows a big zero. So, always craft an inspiring and perfect thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs Speak Volumes  

         The heart of an essay is the body paragraph. An essay is built with several body paragraphs. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that reflects the thesis statement. The rest of the paragraph discusses the topic sentence. Remember; do not take it for granted. The argument must be backed with solid evidence and argument.

         In between body paragraphs, students often become careless. They prefer to write the body paragraphs in a rush and without much time. Never do this. Understand you are not anymore a child who cries in front of a professional to write my essay. Body paragraphs must be closely packed within relevant information.

Is It Enough?

         Well, it is a tricky question to answer. From choosing the topic to writing a conclusion, each step needs attention. The professional approach is using different paragraphs to highlight the topic of the essay. Keep in mind that conclusion is not a new piece of information but a summary of the already discussed material. Do not repeat the same instructions in the conclusion. You must be thinking plagiarism is the shortcut. It will be similar to living in a fool’s paradise by using plagiarized work. Teachers utilize latest plagiarism checking software and follow a strict policy against cheating.

         The bottom line is that essay writing is not an easy task. Meanwhile, the proper approach can resolve the troubles. Always follow a proper approach to write essays. Research is the key and it must be performed with critical skills.


Published by ZackJerry

I have over eight years of experience as Digital Marketing Strategist. During my professional career, I have made over 110 online marketing plans for most reputable brands in the world. I am now working as a digital marketing consultant to assist emerging brands to develop their content strategy. In modern times, people have limited time to read. They want to grab extensive details in limited time. My consultancy helps the brands to construct a connection with consumers which is easy to understand and not too punchy. My master's degree in Business and technology enables me to provide intelligent advice on industry-related issues. I am an ongoing trainer and speaker for digital marketing and PR companies as well. Focus of these trainings includes Content effectiveness for consumer engagement on websites and social media, LinkedIn for growing business, search engine optimization, how to search for write my essay and Social media strategy for B2B and B2C.

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