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The Legal Concept of Evidence

Why Students Struggle to Write Quality Argumentative Essays? Imagine you have been given a task to argue with a person. The person needs to be convinced in true letter and spirits. What will you do? You will take a side of the issue and utilize evidence to support your argument. Similar is the case withContinue reading “The Legal Concept of Evidence”

Qualities of a Good Writer

Since my school days, I have consistently attempted to write the essay assignments for the fulfillment of coursework. I constantly used to get minimal imprint in the essay assignments and needed to confront the embarrassment before the class colleagues. After one such embarrassment, I concluded that it is sufficient and now I need to endeavorContinue reading “Qualities of a Good Writer”

Teaching of art courses was considered a luxury

Academic structures in the past have cut art classes to make room for standardized course classes. Lately, there are a million studies that confirm that the incorporation of different forms of arts with school curriculum is essential. This helps create well-rounded students. There are many studies which prove the importance of various arts in school.Continue reading “Teaching of art courses was considered a luxury”

Are Girls Better at School than Boys?

This is a never-ending debate. Some people ask this question from a sexist perspective, in this case, the approach is more feminist. It is not about which gender performs better; it is about who chooses to perform well. As seen through experience, both girls and boys are equally capable of excelling academically. At times girlsContinue reading “Are Girls Better at School than Boys?”

Writing is an art and practice is necessary to master it

When it comes to writing essays, students become clueless. Why is it so? Well, the essay is a monster which must be tackled with a critical approach. Yes, students believe flawless grammar will get them over the line. This is not the case. With advancements in academic merits, teachers follow strict rules to grade essays.Continue reading “Writing is an art and practice is necessary to master it”