How to Write an IELTS Essay Successfully

IELTS essay writing is considered as one of the most difficult writing tasks that anyone would come across. The reason is simple, it is unlike what the students get in school and college and requires a high level of writing skills and vocabulary.

A good and professional ‘write my essay for me’ service will help you understand how to write this high calibre essay and earn the desired level and bands.

However, if you are preparing to write this essay and need some help then the following tips will help you in writing your essay within the set timeframe.

Understand the Essay Question Properly: Understanding the question means that you have completed half of the work. Often, students make the mistake of just starting with the essay without reading and understanding the question properly. What type of a question is it? Is it a discussion, an opinion based topic or a solution to a problem? Understand the question first.

Brainstorm Relevant Ideas: After identifying the type of question, map out all the relevant topics and ideas. Take five minutes and write down all the ideas that come in your mind. This planning is important if you want to complete the free essays on time.

Add your Personal Opinion: Showcasing your knowledge about the particular topic is great but adding your personal opinion to it will show what thoughts you have regarding the topic. Add relevant examples to highlight your point and connect it with the main topic.

Manage the Time: On average, you will have 40 minutes to complete your essay. But, make sure that you complete it in 30 to 35 minutes and keep the rest 5 to 10 minutes for rechecking and proofreading.

Consider the Lexical Resources: Since IELTS is a high calibre English language test, the examiner will expect the test takers to showcase their level of language and vocabulary proficiency. Instead of suing the same words over and over again, use different words and phrases to explain your topic and the ideas that you have presented in it.

Take Care of the Language: Proper and correct language is the life and blood of any writeup. Use formal and properly structured language in the essay. Avoid using slang, cliches and other non-formal types of language and stick to proper language.

Besides formal tone, your essay should be clean from any kind of grammatical and structural errors. When rechecking the paper, see that you have used correct spelling, tenses and punctuation.

Writing an IELTS essay is tough but with practice, hard work and detail, you can definitely achieve it.

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